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PharmacoGenetics Panel

Significance: Impact of genetic variations on drug response for clinicians and researchers

Sequencing Platform: Illumina

Turnaround Time: 10 Business Days

Coverage: Guaranteed average >50x

Sequencing Deliverables: Initial Sample QC report, Library QC report, Fiiltered report (VCF files)

Data Analysis Deliverables (available for an additional fee): BAM files plus more in Excel format

Data Delivery: Google Drive (free) or hard drive (additional fees may apply)

Sample Submission: gDNA.

Blood, tissue, FFPE and saliva: $50 per extraction. For additional sample submission information, please click here.

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Genes included

CYP1 a2
CYP2 b6, c8, c9, c19, d6, e1
CYP3 a4, a5
UGT 1a1, 2b15

Effectiveness of many drugs is modified by the action of several drug metabolism genes. These genes may be involved in the modification or degradation of the drug to change the duration and intensity of the intended pharmacological action. The process of drug metabolism can also result in either toxification or detoxification of the chemical.

The myRxAct panel offers high depth sequencing of genes involved in the metabolism of several drugs including:

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Typically, those changes that result in increased rates of metabolism will result in a decrease in the intensity and duration of the drug action while those that decrease drug metabolism will increase toxicity or prolong the drug effects.