Genetic Testing For Cancer from cfDNA (Liquid Biopsy)

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The presence of tumor-derived circulating DNA in the plasma of cancer patients offers exciting opportunities for the detection and monitoring of cancer. Next Gen sequencing of plasma samples from cancer patients would allow cancer-associated copy number aberrations and mutations to be analyzed non-invasively and in a genome wide fashion. By detecting and quantifying genomic alterations in cell-free DNA in blood, liquid biopsy can provide real-time information on the stage of tumor progression, treatment effectiveness, and cancer metastasis risk. This technological development could make it possible to diagnose and manage cancer from repeated blood tests rather than from a traditional biopsy.

Sample requirements

Plasma or Serum (1-5 ml) shipped overnight with refrigerated gel packs or frozen with sufficient dry ice for longer shipment.

Turnaround time: Sample-Data

10-20 business days (more samples, faster TAT).

Sequencing Platform

Paired-end 75 or 150 sequencing on illumina NextSeq. 100-1,000x target coverage.


VCF (Variant Call File). BWA mapping, GATK variant call, Filter for Variant Allele Frequency (1000 genome), Filter for known pathogenic variants (dbSNP) or suspect variants (Frameshift, Stop gain, Stop loss), SIFT score, Polyphen score and associated Clinvar disease names and Clinvar accession numbers.
Additional deliverables: Initial sample QC, Library prep QC, Target enrichment QC, Sequencing reads QC, Coverage and FastQC plots.

myGenomics offers a variety of commercially available cancer genomic capture or library preparation solutions. Some of the cancer gene panels available from Agilent, illumina and Qiagen are listed on cancer genomics page. Please contact us if you do not see your preferred method there. myGenomics specializes in custom target sequencing and can quickly customize the panel built to your specifications.