A) Most medical professionals recommend genetic testing and strongly recommend for patients to speak to a genetics expert if they have answered YES to any ONE of the Hereditary Cancer Risk Assessment Form questions.
A) Like any other diagnostic test, hereditary cancer testing must be authorized by a medical professional.
Patients should always speak to their primary doctor about their family health history
before testing considerations. Both patients and providers and can also take advantage of HOPE,
a program that provides patient education, connects patients to genetic counseling and navigates
patients through the hereditary testing process.
The hereditary cancer test consists of providing a non-invasive saliva sample. The sample will be
sent to the myGenomics laboratory for analysis and the result will be provided to your physician
A) Yes, consulting with a genetic expert or counselor prior to testing is always recommended.
A) HOPE is a program of Hopes Source, a non-profit organization that provides advocacy services for
families affected by cancer. Hopes Source will assign patients with a personal advocate who will:

  • support you through the process of deciding if hereditary testing is right for you.
  • connect you to a Genetic Counselor and ensure that you meet the medical necessity
    requirements for testing.
  • help you to develop a personalized prevention plan after testing.

Visit www.hopessource.org or call 800-345-7201 to learn more about HOPE services.

A) Most insurance carriers cover genetic testing services for hereditary cancer when it is considered medically necessary. myGenomics® will assist in obtaining the best possible reimbursement. myGenomics® will obtain pre-authorization from your insurance carrier prior to processing the test and notify you if your financial responsibility is greater than $100.
A) We offer a Financial Assistance Program to uninsured patients in the U.S. who meet specific financial and medical criteria. Due to regulatory limitations, patients who are recipients of government- funded programs like Medicaid and Medicare may not eligible to apply for this ssistance.

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