FAQs Related to Next Gen Sequencing

General Questions
myGenomics uses Illumina HiSeq, MiSeq and ForenSeq platforms.
While we do have plans to accept premade libraries in the future, they are not currently being accepted.
Yes, we will do extractions complete with a detailed QC report regardless of whether you choose to sequence your samples with myGenomics.
myGenomics will accept blood, saliva, tissue, DNA, ChPP DNA, RNA, RIP RNA, FFPE, and PCR products.We will not accept any infectious materials. 
No, not at this time. All samples will be destroyed one month after project completion unless arrangements for sample returns are made prior to project completion.
Sample Receiving
myGenomics, LLC
ATTN: Sample Receiving / Quote #______________
11535 Park Woods Circle, Suite E
Alpharetta, GA 30005


Samples should be shipped to our facility via FedEx or other overnight carrier. DNA samples may be on blue ice packs and RNA samples should be on dry ice. Please ensure sufficient coolant is provided for the duration of shipping. Shipments are accepted Monday through Friday, except US holidays. Quote number should be noted on the shipping label.
All tubes need to be clearly labeled and match the names of the sample IDs written on the sample submission sheet. Samples will not be processed without a completed sample submission sheet. All samples submitted must be associated with a myGenomics quote number. The quality of samples that are not on ice cannot be guaranteed. An initial quality control check will be performed when your samples arrive at our facilities and you will be sent a QC report shortly thereafter
Billing and Invoicing
myGenomics accepts checks, wire transfers, credit cards, and purchase orders. All projects being paid by purchase order must have valid purchase order documentation sent to the myGenomics billing department as soon as possible. Results will not be released without valid purchase order documentation or receipt of payment
You will be invoiced when your samples are put onto the sequencer. If we have valid purchase order documentation or have received your payment, we will release your data as soon as it is available. Otherwise, your data will be held until payment is received.
Data Delivery
We can provide your data to you through Google Drive, Illumina BaseSpace, or a hard copy mailed to your provided shipping address. An additional fee will apply to all data provided via hard copy.
Turnaround time can be as short as one week after sample submission, depending on sample type. Our experienced sales team will provide an estimated turnaround time on your requested quote.
No, we do not have a data archive available at this time. All project data will be deleted from our servers one week after data delivery.

How to download your sequencing data from Google Drive: