Struggling to balance quality and turnaround time with price?

For perfectionists, who want the best of everything, myGenomics has achieved the impossible. myGenomics has perfected the triangle where you get the very best of all three: quality, turnaround time, and price.


  • We guarantee to not only meet but exceed Illumina set standards.
  • A QC report is provided upon initial sample receipt, post fragmentation, post library prep, and post capture (if applicable).
  • Agilent Bravo automation system is used for library preparation and target capture to ensure consistent results and to minimize human error.
  • Guaranteed Q30 scores greater than 80%.


  • We provide a variety of capture options to reduce customer costs.
  • As a fast growing company with rising volume, our bulk purchasing leads to financial savings that are being transferred to our clients.
  • Patrons with long term agreements can save even more.

Turnaround Time:

  •  Guaranteed 10 day turnaround time, from the date of your initial sample QC report. Projects have been delivered in as little as 3 days. Typical TAT for sample -data is 7-10 days on MiSeq and 20-30days on HiSeq. TAT is clearly noted on the price quote issued before the begining of project.
  • We provide the customer service that you deserve: emails and phone calls will always be replied to in the same business day by senior scientists.
  •  We build personal relationships with our patrons to ensure all issues and concerns are taken care of promptly and to assure you that your projects are our top priority.

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