Sequencing based Identification of Rare Microbial Pathogens

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Conventional diagnostic testing for pathogens is narrow in scope and fails to detect the etiologic agent in a significant percentage of cases. Failure to accurately diagnose and treat infection in a timely fashion contributes to continued transmission and increased mortality in hospitalized patients. Ongoing discovery of novel pathogens, also underscores the need for rapid, broad-spectrum diagnostic assays that are able to recognize these emerging agents.

myGenomics offers unbiased, culture-independent and high-resolution disease diagnosis and pathogen characterization. Using whole blood, total RNA from an individual can be sequenced and analyzed using NGS-based Rare Pathogen Identification approach to identify potential infectious agents. Low copy number as well as novel pathogens can be detected using the unbiased NGS method.

Since whole blood must be stabilized immediately upon collection, we recommend requesting myNAstable kit optimized for this method.

Sample requirements

2ml whole blood collected in lavender top tube and quickly transferred to stabilization reagent provided.

Turnaround time:

Sample-Report: 15-20 days


Raw data (FASTq files) and filtered data to provide a short list of pathogens identified in the sample. Summary table with coverage map.

Additional deliverables

Initial sample QC, Fragmentation QC, Library prep QC, Target enrichment QC, Sequencing reads QC, Coverage and FastQC plots.

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