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myGenomics, located in Atlanta, Georgia, offers Next Generation Sequencing services on the Illumina platforms as well as library preparation and Sanger sequencing services. The mission of myGenomics is to make clinical testing available to people with rare genetic conditions. Our team of scientists each have more than fifteen years of expertise in the field and can provide consultation to help design your NGS project in the most efficient way possible. myGenomics is serving the science community as Contract Research Organization for the applications of:

Next Gen Sequencing Sanger Sequencing Quantitative PCR Bioinformatics Support Custom Molecular Biology

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Specializing in custom target sequencing, whole genome sequencing, and RNA-seq, myGenomics is one stop Next Gen high throughput sequencing service provider in Southeast USA. With proven track record, myGenomics has the expertise and resources to make your NGS projects a success. Our dedicated team will provide you and your project focused attention, utilizing the best approach to provide high quality results with quickest turnaround time and best price in the industry.

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